About Kate

Hi! I’m Kate and I am a teacher of English as a foreign language. My experience as an exchange student in Germany when I was younger led me to love languages and connect with people from different cultures. 

Over the years, I’ve studied German, French, Spanish, Polish, and Arabic. I believe that understanding something of the language helps me to understand the people who speak it.

I also value life-changing communication. My career path has allowed me to continually practice in the roles of educator, conflict resolution mediator, health coach, and librarian. I also seek to use my skills in my personal life as a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, and community volunteer.

My passion is to engage people in worthwhile conversations about things that matter.


  • Facilitated over 1400 conversational English lessons online
  • Volunteer teacher for 305 hours at Angloville Immersion Programs in Poland in 2016 and 2017
  • 30 years experience in public and private education


  • Carleton College BA
  • East Carolina University MLS
  • National Board Certified Teacher
  • TEFL Certified 320 hours plus add-on certificates in Business English, IELTS prep, and Young Learners.

Where I’m from: I was born in Minnesota and currently live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, USA

What I do: I listen and provide customized lesson material and stimulating conversations in English for intermediate to advanced learners. I encourage, inspire, and create space and possibilities.

What I don’t do: I don’t judge, lecture, or admonish.

My strengths (according to my clients): I’m open, kind, mindful, flexible, interesting, and have a sense of humor.

Things I love: I love my family, my friends, and my cats. I love life-long learning, connecting with nature and people from all over the world.

Causes I care about: I care about the safety and education of women and children, communication, and sustainability. I care about peaceful living.

What I do in my spare time:  I hike, dance, play with family and love on my cats. I enjoy lunch with friends, and I like to volunteer, travel, read and learn languages. I sow seeds and plant trees.

Things I believe in:  I believe in the power of listening to connect with others and solve problems together. I believe in the power of meditation, compassion, and love in action.

Many thanks to the people I work with!

“Things I specifically like working with you:  openness, kindness, interesting things to talk about, mindfulness, flexibility, a sense of humour.”

– Anna S.Coach/Psychotherapist from Sulejówek, Poland

I sincerely would recommend to you Conversations with Kate.

I have been learning English in various language schools for many years but only after a few lessons with Kate, I began to talk freely.

Conversations with Kate are always very interesting, helpful and funny. You can talk about any subject and Kate is always well prepared.

– Bartosz S.IT Specialist from Warsaw, Poland

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