(photo courtesy of Aaron Burdett)

This weekend I’m looking forward to an evening of music. It’s a time to be with friends and to leave my worries behind. Enjoy this song by Aaron Burdett. It’s all about the power of music. Read through the lyrics and then click on the link below to listen on ReverbNation.

UPDATE August 3, 2018

You can also listen to Aaron perform this song on my podcast Episode [026].

“Three or Four Minutes” (Second track on Breathing Underwater CD)


Take me away from my troubles

And hide me from the world outside

Take me away from everything that worries me

For three or four minutes at a time


Three or four minutes

is just enough time

to rise up and leave it all behind

It’s a gift that you give me that heals me tonight

For those three or four minutes

everything seems right

We’re all learning as we go along

We’re all singing as we learn the song

We’re all learning as we go along

We’re all singing as we learn the song

The deepest truths that I’ve ever heard

They tumbled out of the lines of a song

No book or teacher or lover

ever touched me as deeply as a tune

 that was three minutes long

© Aaron Burdett, used with permission

Conversation Questions

What kind of music has the power to take you away to a place of relaxation or reflection?

Have you ever listened to the words to a song and thought that they were about your life?

Do you think listening to music or playing music has more power? Why?

Do you agree that music is the universal language?