Hiking is like language learning, part 3

In the last two blog posts, I wrote about hiking and my 140 mile MST – Mountains to Sea Challenge.
Almost as soon as we completed it, my friend and I decided to take on another challenge that involves hiking 400 miles in The Pisgah National Forest. This one will take years. We’ll begin on November 20th.

My goal is to be a life-long hiker and learner.

So now, I’m reflecting on my hiking experience and the ways it relates to my language learning. Many of you know that I’ve been studying Polish since January 2017.

Here are some of my observations about the hiking:

  • I can see how my long distance walking technique has improved. I followed the advice of a fellow hiker and also did some research on techniques. Then, of course, it was a matter of practice and applying them.
  • I’m using my Leki poles well. My rhythm is smoother.
  • My knees don’t bother me as much and I feel stronger. I believe that I can do long and strenuous hikes.

    I can definitely see progress.

    Do you see how this might compare to language learning?  After 10 months of Polish studies,
    • I feel more confident.
    • I can understand more words when listening to conversations.  I found material that is challenging but manageable. I’ve gone from feeling lost to finding my way.
    • My pronunciation is smoother and the feedback I receive from Mondly is much more positive.
    I’ve been using the Mondly app on my phone as one of my resources for studying Polish. Last week, I completed the beginner lessons and graduated to intermediate. Yay! Now, it’s on to the next challenge of completing that set of lessons.
    • What progress have you made recently?
    • Do you congratulate yourself for success?
    • Are you taking on any new challenges?
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