My conversation with Elena Mutunono

It was delightful to have Elena Mutunono as a guest on my podcast. We had such a good conversation that I was able to divide it into four episodes. (I’m trying to keep podcasts between 6-10 minutes.)

In part one, she describes what it was like for her to learn English. In part two, she talks about being in the US and discovering American accents. In part three, you’ll hear her describe what it’s like to be part of a multilingual family. Finally, in part four, we discuss the Opted Out community of “teacherpreneurs” that she created and sustains. I think you’ll be inspired by the way she talks about teaching and learning a language. Here’s an excerpt from the Opted Out Manifesto:

We want to teach because it empowers people to improve lives, think differently, create original art. . . and do the work that matters.

We take the first step and we don’t turn back. We opt into courage.  We strive to make a change. We fail and we stand strong. Then we do it again. 

It was my great fortune to find Elena on LinkedIn at the time that I was starting my online teaching business. That was in the fall of 2016.

After returning from Poland where I volunteered at two Angloville English Immersion programs, I was hooked on the conversational method of teaching English. I knew I wanted to work with clients online but I had no idea where to begin. Elena “came to the rescue” by sharing her own experience and what she had learned so I didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel.” She is generous with her knowledge and I learned a lot by reading her blog posts and following discussions in her Facebook group.

I was also happy to buy her books and programs. It was a solid investment for me and my business. Just as I was drawn to Elena because I resonated with her view of teaching, so too were other like-minded, passionate people. In Elena’s EELB and Smart Hub programs, I had the opportunity to get to know other language teachers from around the world.

If you’re interested in pursuing a small, sustainable online teaching business, I highly recommend her resources.

Smart Teacher’s Library

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Elena Mutonono