Conversations with Kate has been a great partner in my English learning journey.

I got started listening to the podcasts.

Like other English podcasts I’ve been listening to, I was able to understand from 50% to 60% of them. Not understanding properly is always very frustrating because many times the subject is very interesting and I can’t get the message entirely.

However, you’ve done the job to make them clear, Kate.

Not only have you provided the real-life conversations podcasts, but you also have come up with their full transcripts, lessons guides with the vocabulary and expressions used in the podcasts.

That’s allowed me to understand them up to 90% or even 100%.

I can study the podcast. It’s not passively listening anymore. I can work on understanding each word said, their right meaning, notice how the natural speech looks, how people interact, get to know phrasal verbs and how to spell every single word.

In addition, it’s a source of both inspirational messages and good fun. (for example, the podcasts with Kirstin)

It’s a complete English course, Kate. I wish I managed to answer the provided questions as you encourage us to participate in the conversation.

Everything was so amazing that I decided to have private classes with you. Then I’ve been practicing my speaking ability while I’ve been touched by your warmth and encouragement.

It has been 5 months since I came across the Conversations with Kate and I’m delighted to see how much I’ve been learning from you.

The Persian proverb says “A new language is a new life”. It’s really true for me!

My heartfelt thanks, Kate.



Thank you so much, Cláudia!  It motivates me to keep creating episodes, lesson guides, and transcripts when I know that they are helping you with your English conversation.

Warm wishes for continued success!


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