Cara Leopold is back on the podcast to talk about Climate Change and positive solutions in advance of the Global Climate Strike on September 20 & 27.

I recently received Cara’s newsletter. In it, she wondered why no one is talking about the Climate Crisis. I invited her to have a conversation for the podcast and we came up with quite a few solutions and resources.

Resources recommended by Kate:

Feel free to share the lesson guide with transcripts and the resource list. We believe that action is possible and it needs to happen now.





To find out more about the upcoming Climate Strike go to

From the Principles for NGO engagement with School Strikes

“School strikes / Friday for Future have spread all over the world recently. This is an organic grass root mainly youth-led mobilisation, which has sparkled what is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) global climate mobilisation to date.

Young organizers have regularly asked NGOs and other well established climate organisations for their support – either directly or by asking them to do their own share in mobilising adults. They’re now explicitly asking us to mobilize this September.”

#climatestrike, #fridaysforfuture

The person that first inspired me to think about the environment and planet in terms of stewardship is Wendell Berry. One of the most inspirational women I know of is Helen Norberg-Hodge who founded Local Futures. I just discovered a conversation they had that was published in Orion magazine. 

Click here to learn about The Economics of Happiness documentary film.

Project Drawdown offers 100 solutions to reverse climate change.

Resources recommended by Cara:

George Monbiot – She read his book “Heat” back in 2006. It is about how to cut C02 emissions by 90% by 2030. Here’s his website:

Jeremy Rifkin –  the Third Industrial Revolution which you can watch for free on YouTube. It’s a documentary/lecture about transitioning to a sharing economy and why we need to given the threat of climate change.

For podcasts on climate: Warm Regards and Drilled.

Here’s an interesting article comparing different transport modes and C02 release.

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