About Kate

Hi! I’m Kate and I am a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. My experience as an exchange student in Germany when I was younger led me to love languages and connect with people from different cultures. 

Over the years, I’ve studied German, French, Spanish, and Polish. I believe that understanding something of the language helps me to understand the people who speak it.

I also value life-changing communication. My career path has allowed me to continually practice in the roles of educator, conflict resolution mediator, health coach, and librarian. I also seek to use my skills in my personal life as a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, and community volunteer.

My passion is to engage people in worthwhile conversations about things that matter.


  • Facilitated over 1600 conversational English lessons online
  • Volunteer teacher at Angloville English Immersion Programs in Poland in 2016, 2017, and 2018.
  • Volunteer teacher at Diverbo Pueblo Inglés in Spain in 2018.
  • 30 years experience in public and private education


  • Carleton College BA
  • East Carolina University MLS
  • National Board Certified Teacher
  • TEFL Certified 320 hours plus add-on certificates in Business English, IELTS prep, and Young Learners.

Where I’m from: I was born in Minnesota and currently live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, USA

What I do: I listen and provide customized lesson material and stimulating conversations in English for intermediate to advanced learners. I encourage, inspire, and create space and possibilities.

What I don’t do: I don’t judge, lecture, or admonish.

My strengths (according to my clients): I’m open, kind, mindful, flexible, interesting, and have a sense of humor.

Things I love: I love my family, my friends, and my cats. I love life-long learning, connecting with nature and people from all over the world.

Causes I care about: I care about the safety and education of women and children, communication, and sustainability. I care about peaceful living.

What I do in my spare time:  I hike, dance, play with family and love on my cats. I enjoy lunch with friends, and I like to volunteer, travel, read and learn languages. I sow seeds and plant trees.

Things I believe in:  I believe in the power of listening to connect with others and solve problems together. I believe in the power of meditation, compassion, and love in action.

Many thanks to the people I work with!

“Things I specifically like working with you:  openness, kindness, interesting things to talk about, mindfulness, flexibility, a sense of humour.”

-Anna S.

Coach/Psychotherapist from Sulejówek, Poland

I sincerely would recommend to you Conversations with Kate.

I have been learning English in various language schools for many years but only after a few lessons with Kate, I began to talk freely.

Conversations with Kate are always very interesting, helpful and funny. You can talk about any subject and Kate is always well prepared.

- Bartosz S.IT Specialist from Warsaw, Poland

I like the varied means which Kate uses to teach. She uses videos and online articles on interesting topics. She uses them to teach pronunciation, phrasal verbs, and idioms. I have speaking and writing practice.

Kate is very involved as she works with me. She is always prepared and is a good time-keeper. She supports me and motivates me to learn. She is patient and tolerant when I make mistakes. She is natural, humorous and has an open mind.

We use materials from my profession and from everyday life. This is much stronger than learning from textbooks. Kate offers many ideas on her Facebook page. She is knowledgeable about new applications to learn English. I’m improving my English but also learning about current events and other topics of interest. Thanks to her, I’m learning real-life English and I have overcome my fear of speaking.

I love the way that she views learning as a process and not just a set of goals.

I also appreciate the fact that Kate is a language learner, too. She is interested in my country and culture.

Monika P.Graphic Designer, Lublin Poland

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