Learn with me.

Improve your English with convenient online lessons, engaging language coaching packages, or effective learning materials for independent study.

Customized Lessons

The first lesson is free. Individual conversational lessons are 30 or 45 minutes long and take place on Skype or Zoom.

My qualifications include TEFL Certification and Neurolanguage Coaching®, (registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling)

Neurolanguage Coaching®

Coaching is perfect for you if you need to improve your English more quickly. During the first free session (30 minutes), we work together to assess your needs, motivation, and identify short and longer-term goals. I prepare a “roadmap” or plan and present you with several options for coaching packages. Please contact me for more information.

Classes are conducted in a stress-free, cheerful manner.

“Lessons with Kate are a great experience. Kate is qualified to teach and encourages all students to actively participate in the learning process. She is a great English teacher, the best I have ever had. Classes are conducted in a stress-free, cheerful manner with full engagement and maximum use of scheduled time. During lessons, we talk practically on every topic: hobby, weather, travel and cultural differences.

Kate is a very warm and friendly person, very positive about people and the world, which undoubtedly influences the way she teaches – always with a smile and energy. She is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend her!”


Warsaw, Poland

Every lesson is an adventure. . .

“Kate is my teacher for a year. I love learning with Kate because every lesson is an adventure for me. Kate is a very kind person and full of positive energy and it makes me feel comfortable in her company. She breaks the language barrier in one short moment. Kate is always very well prepared for the lesson and the topics that she teaches are very interesting. She adjusts the topics and level of learning exactly to each student individually. Thanks to Kate, my English has improved a lot, and for me the most important thing is I communicate well in English.

I’m anxiously awaiting every new lesson and always pity that it’s over”.

– Asia W.

Komorów, Poland

Your notes are very valuable. . . .

“I was afraid to speak English before conversations with you. Now, I am much more confident. I know that my English is still not fluent, but I am not afraid to speak.  First of all, I am not limited by the fear to speak English and I am glad when I see that you understand me.

I feel that my vocabulary extended after lessons with you.  Your notes are very valuable because I can repeat lessons my times.  My ability to understand other people speaking English is improved.

You are a very patient and enthusiastic teacher. After lessons with you, I believe that I can speak English.  Your lessons are really interesting – many different topics that give me pleasure. This is the real treat!”

– Ewa K.
Warsaw, Poland

Interesting things to talk about. . . .

“Things I specifically like working with you:  openness, kindness, interesting things to talk about, mindfulness, flexibility, a sense of humour.”

– Anna S.

Sulejówek, Poland

English with you is fun and effortless.

I think that as soon as we started to have lesson together, I was focusing more on conversation and less on mistakes. You showed me that finding interesting materials to learn English is the best way to have fun during English lesson. Now I see that we should have contact with English every day or very often. Not spending 2 boring hours one day, but 20 minutes every day. I think that earlier I was reading more than listening. Now, I try to listen more and use your lesson guides and transcript.

Now, I am more confident when I am speaking and I believe that I can be understandable. It is connected with practice a lot and with conversation with you.

– Natalie S.
Poznan, Poland

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