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Improve your listening comprehension by listening to my conversations with guests from all over the world. By listening to real conversations between a native or non-native English speaker and me, you will improve your understanding of different English accents, connected speech, and you’ll learn interesting things about people, language and travel along the way.

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Tetiana Bilokin, an English teacher from Ukraine was my guest for episodes 67 & 68. You can read her review of the podcast here. TetianaPodcastReview

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Episodes 83 and 84 – Cara Leopold is back on the podcast to talk about Climate Change and positive solutions in advance of the Global Climate Strike on September 20 & 27.

I recently received Cara’s newsletter. In it, she wondered why no one is talking about the Climate Crisis. I invited her to have a conversation for the podcast. During our chat, we came up with quite a few solutions and resources. Links, Lesson Guides and Transcripts are available on the blog

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