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Improve your listening comprehension by listening to my conversations with guests from all over the world. By listening to real conversations between a native or non-native English speaker and me, you will improve your understanding of different English accents, connected speech, and you’ll learn interesting things about people, language and travel along the way.

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I love to use your podcast. I think that contact with real, alive language is the best way to improve our language skills. When you can listen to something interesting, you are more focused on it and try to understand more. Using the podcast gives me contact with different accent, cultures, way of living. It helps when you work in international company. You and your speakers give me a lot of ways how to learn more effectively. It shows that everybody can learn foreign languages. Lesson guides, which are prepared by you, allow me to understand more and you explain some difficult words or phrases. I think that when you listen a lot, you can use some words and phrases subconsciously. You don’t know why, but it seems to be right. 

Nataliafrom Poland

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. . . really at the root of everything is human connection, regardless of where you are, regardless of what language you speak.

Episodes 97-100

I’m delighted to complete this part of my podcast with guest, Lindsay Williams. The conversation is divided into 4 episodes. We talk about the video and podcast series that she created with her husband, Ashley, while traveling in the Americas and Southeast Asia.

It’s called Language Stories and it exemplifies connecting cultures through conversation. I think it’s a wonderful thing for you to listen to while I take a break. These episodes (97-100) are a kind of celebration of connection, as well as reaching 100 episodes of the podcast.

The world is currently experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay safe, everyone. Have patience and think of others. Use this “stay at home” time to learn more about people, places and our planet. Look for all of the cooperation that is happening in our world. It’s still a beautiful life. Every day is a gift.

Learn more about Lindsay and Language Stories at www.lindsaydoeslanguages.com

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