Here are descriptions of some of the resources and websites that I personally have found helpful.

The links below are affiliate links. I only recommend what I’ve used myself. Clicking the links (text and/or graphics) doesn’t cost you anything and sometimes you may receive a benefit, too, as in the credit. If you happen to buy the product I will receive a small commission. 

I just finished reading The Start-up of You. I’m enthusiastically recommending it to young people starting out and anyone who is not passionate about their career and wants to transform it into one that they look forward to each day. It’s filled with actionable tips that can be applied throughout one’s life.


Reid Hoffman, cofounder and chairman of Linkedin will inspire you to adapt to the future and invest in yourself. Perhaps working with me and/or my resources to improve your English are part of that investment. Contact me to see if we’re a good match.

Grammar doesn’t have to be boring. Use this book to learn 30 common grammar points, all within the context of a conversation.

I recommend buying this book and then keeping it on your desk or wherever you study along with a pencil. Write in it. Use it as a workbook whenever you have a couple of free minutes. I think you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make progress in learning phrasal verbs.

Do you enjoy listening to books in English? Click on the black Audible box to download 2 free books. Both audio books and podcasts are favorite ways for me to practice a language.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to carry a couple of books anywhere you go? If you have an iPad, Kindle or a SmartPhone, it’s possible. Download the Kindle App and then check out a free month of Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t like it, cancel after 29 days. (Mark it on your calendar.)

My favorite playlist of last year was put together by Lindsay Williams and her husband Ashley. They traveled the world to learn about other cultures and languages. You can find the YouTube videos here. 

Download the book, Not a Year Off, to read about the backstory. Highly recommended.

This book was purchased to help a teenager prepare for the TOEFL Junior exam. He wants to teach English. Yay!

Although it needs a few improvements, we’ve been impressed with the interesting text, illustrations, exercises, practice questions and games. I find it appealing to both teenagers and adults.  If you’re a teacher working with youth in test preparation, I think you’ll find it’s one of the best books out there. And it’s digital.

I take the Unit Vocabulary and am making Quizlet flashcard decks.

Do you like to practice your English with lyrics to a song? My singer songwriter friend, Aaron Burdett has written some good ones. Here’s one that you can download. The lyrics are part of this blog post.

These are the microphones I use when I’m at home (above) and on the road (below).

Whenever I travel, I use  I like to compare prices and I almost always go back to because it’s easy to make reservations with free cancellations, usually within just a few days of my stay. If you book using my affiliate link, we both will receive a $25 credit. Check out here.

Teachable is where I take many of my courses in language learning, writing and more. Would you like to create an online course? Check out this amazing platform here.

Are you interested in becoming certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language? I completed this program by completing modules online and was able to become TEFL Certified   320 hours plus earn add-on certificates in Business English, IELTS prep, and Young Learners, all at a very affordable price.

Premier TEFL partners with Angloville in Poland so you also have the opportunity of putting all of that knowledge into practice in a relaxed and beautiful environment in Poland.  There are aslo extended opportunities to teach abroad in quite a few countries. You can find out more at Premier TEFL.


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This is the pack that I own and take on both long day hikes and when I travel in Europe for up to 4 weeks. I carried it on the Camino Portugués and found that I had everything that I needed (and more).

Use this guide for 6 days to get from Tui to Santiago and earn your Compostela. If you have more time, you can begin in Portugal, either in Lisbon or Porto. This was the guide I used to plan my trip. Then I tore out the pages I didn’t need and carried it with me in my backpack. Highly recommended.

Packing light is easy when I wash my clothes nearly every evening. This clothesline works almost anywhere and you don’t need clothespins. Just tuck a bit of fabric up into the braided rubber. Brilliant.

This little item will turn any sink into a washbasin for doing your laundry when you travel. Have you discovered how many sinks do not have stoppers? I take it on every trip.

I found the support I needed to start my online teaching business in the Opted Out Community created by Elena Mutunono. She and Veronika Palovska have written several helpful books that you can find on Amazon: Opted Out of the Real Job, Opted Out of the *Real Job* Journal, and the Opted Out Planner.

I personally have purchased all of the books below and found them very helpful in both my thinking and practical applications. Click on the image for the hyperlink to learn more and/or purchase.

Here’s my Amazon Review of Opted Out of the *Real Job*:

September 25, 2017

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

If you have recommendations for online language teachers and learners – resources that you’ve found very helpful – I’d love to know about them.  Drop me a line using the contact form here.

Same goes for travel resources. I’m especially interested in traveling light and on a budget.

This is the lightest backpack I’ve owned. It holds more than my Osprey AND it folds up into it’s own little zipped bag for stashing in a suitcase or even a purse. What I especially like about this backpack is that it has a chest strap to make carrying anything more comfortable.

Good, short poetry can be a meaningful way to explore the English language.  The books below are some of my favorites for using with clients.